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24 Hours in Atlanta, GA

If you’re just in Atlanta for a quick trip and want to take the hassle out of planning, check out this guide to make the most of your time visiting Emory!

By AE Rueppel/Updated by CT&T Staff August 2021

With lots of green space and many historic buildings, Emory University has a beautiful campus just six miles outside downtown Atlanta in Druid Hills (Credit: Instagram @emoryuniversity).

Day 1

Arriving in Atlanta

Arrive at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on Sunday just in time for an early lunch at Truva Turkish Kitchen, which is located in the historic Virginia Highlands.

Go light with tahini bean salad and a side of garlic cilantro fries, or jump into some real Turkish classics with a Truva dumpling, traditional hummus, and vegetarian moussaka.

Left: The Atlanta airport isn’t far from Emory, and just a quick stop on your way to exploring the rest of Atlanta (Credit: Instagram @atlairport). Right: Truva has great lunch options; whether you choose a smaller snack or larger entree, this meal will give you energy for the rest of the day (Credit: Instagram @truvahighland).

Afternoon Activities 

With an Emory tour booked for early Monday,  take a drive around the verdant Druid Hills area that borders the university to get a sense of where you’ll be heading in the morning.  

Consider a visit to the Botanical Gardens (don’t miss the permanent Chihuly glass sculptures!), or head south to drive through Georgia Tech and visit the College Football Hall of fame. Marvel at the 775 helmets that greet you on the lobby wall in a checkerboard of collegiate power: a symbol of the football culture you’re bound to notice as you travel through Georgia.

Dinner & Accommodations 

For dinner, join the friendly buzz for an honest-to-goodness early Sunday Supper at JCT. Kitchen located near downtown. They boast a family-style bonanza of dishes featuring creamy deviled egg starters, honey fried chicken, biscuits with peach jam, and mac and cheese that NO family should miss!

Check into the Emory Conference Center Hotel located less than a mile from the university. Rooms are small and efficient, but the common areas have dining options and an indoor pool.

Left: Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens provide a great opportunity to see lights, glass structures, and beautiful landscapes (Credit: Instagram @atlbotanical). Middle: The College Football Hall of Fame is another one of Georgia’s must-sees if you can spare the time, especially if your family loves collegiate football teams like the University of Alabama, Clemson, and LSU (Credit: Instagram @cfbhall). Right: Mac and cheese is the perfect comfort food for your family at JCT. Kitchen (Credit: Instagram @jctkitchenandbar).

Day 2

Visiting Emory University

Enjoy a quick breakfast among students at the Starbucks next to the Emory Admissions Office, which is adjacent to a large parking garage. Next, attend the information session, where you will get an overview of Emory including its size, major schools of study, and traditions. 

Left: Interested in the best study spots on campus? With plenty of tables and chairs available, the Science Commons is a great place for students to study before class (Credit: Instagram @emoryadmission). Right: The Farmer’s Market, open on Tuesdays, has fresh produce and products (Credit: Instagram @emoryfarmersmkt).

On the tour, picture your future self engaging in world-class research in the four-story, light-filled Science Commons, or catch a selfie with Dooley, the university’s resident spirit.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting on a Tuesday, enjoy the bounty of the Farmer’s Market after your tour. It features local makers and growers, and it occurs weekly (rain or shine) from 11 to 3 pm on the Cox Hall Bridge.

Lunch is on the run as you head back to Hartsfield (voted one of the “World’s Busiest Airports” 21 years in a row, so leave yourself plenty of time) to catch your flight to your next college visit, or back home with Emory in the books!

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