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How to “Zoom” through your College Search

The global pandemic has changed the way we interact with one another, where we now depend on power cords and Wi-Fi to keep us connected. However, as prospective college students, plugging in your laptop to build relationships and attend virtual events can be so valuable.

Colleges are offering virtual campus visit experiences through Zoom and other virtual platforms where you can “walk through” the campus. These live tours are led by student ambassadors who take you through a guided journey of the campus with pictures and videos that capture the moments you will experience as a student. Although you’re not physically present, there is a sense of inclusivity and personalization, with tours or info-sessions for specific majors or sports interests. Your whole family can attend on screen, or you can do it independently. After the tour (because we all know how much we love college merch) you can still order that reverse-weave sweatshirt branded in the college’s colors online. You can also sign up for their notifications and check back later in the spring to see if additional programming has been added, or if they are offering in-person tours with small groups of students and more restricted tour routes.

Lisa Keegan, Dean of Undergraduate Admission at Elon University, spoke about how 2020 is “ a perfect time to begin following social media accounts by schools you are considering” (Source). 

Here are a few connections you could make on social media: 

1. A teacher

It may be more difficult to speak up in a virtual learning environment, but email your teacher and ask to set up time to meet to discuss topics covered in class or your college search journey. Start to think about which teachers you want to write your letter of recommendation.

2. A current student

Connect with a current college student,a mentor or friend who will support you as you search for and apply to colleges. This person can answer questions through a virtual meeting or a socially distanced outdoor coffee this fall. If you do not know anyone, ask your counselor for names of alumni from your school or stay in contact with your tour guide!

3. An Admissions Counselor

Search on the college’s admissions website or ask your counselor to find the name and contact information for the admissions counselor for your area. Email them to introduce yourself, and ask questions specific to the school they represent.

4. New virtual programs

Interested in learning how to survive a job interview (or college interview) on Zoom or how to format your resume? Sign-up for Cosmopolitan’s Extracurricular program, taught by CEOs, entrepreneurs, influencers, and Cosmopolitan editors. Other companies, including LinkedIn and Google, are creating and launching new virtual courses to help you become more knowledgeable in a specific area you are interested in.

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