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The Weekend Scene at L&C

It is important to take some time to unwind after a week of class work. At L&C, students can participate in a number of fun activities throughout their weekends!

The Spring Carnival is a ton of fun. There are games, rides, prizes, and food all for free. Photo provided by lewisandclarkcollege.

Incoming Students – The weekend scene of any college is likely something that you will be curious about. Colleges tend to vary in their weekend culture based on the clubs and events available to students. Lewis & Clark has a diverse weekend culture- you’ll never find the whole college in one spot. Students have a variety of interests and the resources to share those interests with each other. There are also a lot of teams to root for and annual events to partake in so keep an eye on the weekly newsletters! When you get to campus, be ready to explore everything the college has to offer.

The LC Pios celebrating victory with their prize: The Wagon Wheel. Photo provided by lewisandclarkcollege.

Gaming Society

Friday nights in Tempelton’s lower dining room can be hectic and fun. Starting at 7 pm, students gather in the Trail Room in order to best each other in board games and video games. There is a huge variety of games to play with the members of the club. A lot of people enjoy sillier or funnier games, like Cards Against Humanity or Just Dance. The club hosts some bigger events throughout the semester, like a Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros tournament. The Gaming Society community is diverse and welcoming; no matter what kinds of games you like to play, you can find someone to play with you. There are even smaller groups that focus on specific games, like Magic the Gathering.

The pio fair takes place every year so that students can join any clubs that they want. Photo taken by Steve Hambuchen. 

Free Movie Night

On some Fridays, Student Activities hosts a movie screening in Lewis & Clark’s biggest lecture hall. Join the fun with your friends! Enjoy a night watching a movie on a huge screen, while sitting in comfy chairs with free popcorn. The club usually plays new and  popular movies that the majority of students will enjoy. In the past they have featured movies like Atomic Blonde, Thor Ragnarok, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. Anyone can show up to watch the movies, just watch the weekly bulletin to see when they are playing. 

If you are looking to watch movies you may not have heard of, there are a couple of other clubs you should keep an eye on. The university’s many  language clubs will have movie nights in their languages. The movies are a great way to practice a second language and the clubs are a great way to meet friends learning the same second language as you! Lewis & Clark also has a Film Club and an International Film Festival group. You can find all these clubs and more at the Lewis & Clark Club Fair. 

Lots of events happen in the Forest Theater. Movies, comedy nights, symposiums, you name it. These are the speakers of the Ray Warren ymposium answering student questions. Photo provided by lewisandclarkcollege.

The Plateau 

There is a dorm basement on LC that is dedicated to art; it is a popular place for students to hang out whether or not they are making art. The Plateau is a welcoming mosaic of comfortable furniture, art supplies, and student works. If you are interested in any sort of art or just are looking for a unique place to hang out, then this is the place for you!

However, the Plateau isn’t just a place to hang out, it is also the spot to catch student shows! Some Fridays, students can catch the performances of the Improv Club. There are plenty of other events that students can attend and even participate in at The Plateau. For example, the Queer Student Union hosts a drag show, and they also have open mic poetry readings. The Plateau is a happening place no matter what day it is. 

You can also catch shows at the Fir Acres Theater.  Here students perform shows like Anon(ymous) by playwright Naomi Llizuka. Photo provided by lewisandclarkcollege.


Let’s be honest, every college has a party scene. What I like about LC’s party scene is that you aren’t missing out on the college’s culture if you don’t participate. There are plenty of things to do on campus, including parties, and many students spend their weekends different ways. In the dorms, friends tend to clump together to party in one person’s room eating junk food, watching movies, and singing for the whole hall to hear. Some students host parties in the neighborhood off campus. People often go in groups, and the parties don’t get out of hand. And if it is loud music you want, the college does that too!

Concert in Templeton  with @duckwrth and @father. They packed the lower cafeteria and students had a great time. Photo provided by lewisandclarkcollege.