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Student Clubs at Georgetown

Extracurricular clubs are an important part of the college experience, and navigating the long list of options can be stressful. Let’s take a look at some of Georgetown’s many clubs and student organizations.

Georgetown University is located in Washington, DC and has a vibrant extracurricular club scene. 

Club Sports 

Georgetown currently has more than 30 club sports, from soccer and baseball to rock climbing and ultimate frisbee. Club sports are a great way for athletes to keep playing in college without as intense a commitment as varsity recruitment, and they usually have weekly practices and games. Being part of a club team will certainly engender a strong sense of community, introducing you to students from all four years of college. 

Pre-Professional Clubs 

Georgetown has a number of student organizations that offer guidance and preparation for a specific career path. For instance, the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) recruits student volunteers to provide emergency medical services on campus, and is a great way to gain experience as an EMT. There also are various organizations for students interested in finance; the Alumni and Student Federal Union (GUASFCU) is a credit union offering banking services- checking accounts, loans, savings accounts- and is entirely student-run. 

While acceptance to these clubs is competitive, applications open at the beginning of every semester and students can apply as many times as they want. Further, there are many different clubs within a given field, so there definitely is room to find one that will prepare you for your path. 

Two GERMS members  walk to the ambulance during their shift. Credit:

The Corp 

The Corp is a unique part of the Georgetown experience, offering widespread on-campus service. The largest entirely student-run non-profit in the world, the Corp has seven branches to get involved with- working as a barista at one of the coffee shops, a cashier at the grocery store, or behind the scenes in the IT department. Acceptance into any Corp location is highly competitive, with a written application along with two rounds of interviews, but it definitely is worth it if you are looking for a tight-knit group to work with. 

A Corp worker helps a student check out at the on-campus grocery store. Credit:

Not every Georgetown club is this competitive. In fact, the application process for many clubs is as simple as adding your email address to its database. Once you join, you can also apply for a board position if you are looking for even more involvement. Here are some popular clubs without applications: 

Cultural Clubs 

Georgetown students come from a wide array of cultural backgrounds. There are many student organizations that try to represent the university’s diversity, including African Society, the Asian American Student Association, and the Latin American Student Association. These clubs host cultural events, visit embassies ,and connect people of similar backgrounds.

Advocacy Clubs 

Student advocacy is definitely an important part of Georgetown culture, and there are many clubs geared towards social justice and community involvement; there are clubs offering tutoring services to students in the city, advocating for immigrant rights, or increasing mental health awareness. For more politically inclined students, you might try College Democrats, get involved with student government, or find an international relations club. These clubs typically do not have competitive applications, and you certainly can find some way to give back to the community through the myriad of opportunities available. 

Tips for Navigating Club Life 

At the beginning of every semester, Georgetown hosts a club fair where students can talk to representatives from each club. The fair is another crucial resource if you are interested in learning about different clubs and their application processes. 

Clubs stand out as a way to meet people with similar interests and form a strong sense of community. With the minimal Greek life scene at Georgetown, the clubs you join can boost your social interaction while allowing you to engage with what  you are passionate about. There definitely is something for everyone, from the Creative Writing Club to Improv to the Georgetown Auto Society (for car enthusiasts!). And if there’s something you love that is missing from the long list of Georgetown organizations, students are free to start their own clubs through the center for Student Engagement. 

Remember that your time is valuable; you should spend it on something that you enjoy and will be useful to your personal development, instead of solely looking to fill a resume. Good luck finding your place!