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University of Michigan: Off-Campus Housing Resources

One of the greatest things about the University of Michigan is its location. Ann Arbor is a hub for different artistic communities, which makes living off-campus a fun and eventful experience. With so many options for off-campus housing, here are a few resources to help you make your decision.

University of Michigan School of Kinesiology (Credit: Lars Jensen).

Off-Campus Housing Website

The University of Michigan provides this website as a tool for students looking for housing. You can view rental properties (which include apartments, houses, and sublets) as well as search for roommates. 

The University of Michigan’s off-campus housing website.

The Pros

Specific options: If you have certain criteria that you’re looking for, this website is a must. You can search by the number of rooms, price, building type, lease length, and more. The website is constantly being updated with new properties and most of the landlords respond to inquiries quickly.

Photos of the inside: Many listings have interior photos of the properties which can help you manage your time more efficiently. You can easily scroll through potential homes and apartments without having to schedule tours. 

The Cons

Not everything is listed: Because Ann Arbor is so densely populated with college students, some properties don’t need to advertise on a website. Instead, they hang large posters on their properties with contact information. They can rely on students seeing these signs as they walk throughout Ann Arbor. 

Potential scams: The off-campus housing website often warns you about scams. Scams can occur if a landlord or property manager asks you for a deposit without having you sign an official agreement. Additionally, it may say on a property’s website that certain amenities are included, but when you physically go to that property they may not be there; make sure that you ask the landlord or property manager in person.

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Driving Around Ann Arbor

Although this is more time-consuming, driving around Ann Arbor is a great way to scout for potential rental properties. You can see how close a property is to campus, downtown, or your favorite coffee shop. Many properties close to campus and downtown rely solely on the signs hanging on their buildings to draw in tenants. On the other hand, some properties only post advertising on their websites.

If you drive around Ann Arbor without checking online, you’re likely to find a property that doesn’t have a contact sign.  For students that may be traveling across the country or even a few hours away, this strategy is not feasible. Only local students can benefit from seeing the proximity to campus while those who live farther away are confined to their web browser.

Online Groups and Events

Many colleges and universities use Facebook groups so that students can stay connected. Be sure to check out the University of Michigan Off-Campus Housing Facebook Group to post and search for listings, as well as find roommates. In addition, join the Facebook group for your graduating class, such as the University of Michigan Class of 2025. You can also attend a virtual off-campus housing fair hosted by the school.

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By Katherine McDaniel

Katherine McDaniel is currently studying english at the University of Michigan. After graduation, Katherine aspires to work for a publishing firm as an editor or literary agent. Outside of school, she's an avid reader and writer, as well as a passionate artist.